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                                      NOAH’S ARK ANIMAL EDUCATION CENTER AND ZOO

Noah's Ark is a not for profit 501C animal rescue and wildlife rehabilitation Sanctuary. Noah’s Ark is located in Dunnellon Florida on a sprawling farm. Our goal is to save lives and educate the public. We rescue, rehabilitate, and whenever possible re home domestic animals and release wildlife back into their natural habitat. If an animal cannot not be released they often become permanent residents at Noah’s Ark! Some of our residents include Humphrey the Camel, Linus the Ring-tailed Lemur, Reggie the Kangaroo, Jeff the Silver Fox, and Rio the Red Winged Macaw. We have horses, mini horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, and wonderful resident dogs and dogs for adoption!

Humphrey, our camel was rescued from poor conditions and issues with his front legs due to neglect. He is happy, healthy, and loved. He roams the grounds with his animal friends!

Jeffrey, our silver fox was destined to be used for his fur when we rescued him. 

Founder Lori McChutcheon and a team of dedicated volunteers rescue lives and keep Noah’s Ark running solely through donations from folks like you!  Please click the link at the bottom to make your donation.